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Strategic wargaming toolset

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What is it?

Business wargaming offers you the opportunity to identify future threats and anticipate opportunities by testing your plans against well-prepared teams role-playing any group who are likely to have an influence the outcome.

Your need ...

You will benefit from wargaming if you intend to implement a strategy whose success is dependent upon the actions of other companies, groups and entities about whose reaction you cannot be completely confident.

In addition, the reputational and financial risk associated with the plan is significant but you have the willingness, organisational culture and time to test it in a realistic way and amend it as necessary.

Benefits of wargaming

The benefits of a well-run wargame include:

> quick and inexpensive activity

> realistic and objective assessment of the impact of your plans

> identification of future risks and opportunities

> highlight intelligence gaps

> expose unintended consequences of implementing your plans

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